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cwendy41's Journal

15th August, 2010. 1:24 pm.

It's official: my dog has more followers on twitter than I do.

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29th September, 2009. 9:10 pm. Housing Question

How do you feel about moving into somewhere where somebody passed away in one of the bedrooms? Would the way the person died affect your thoughts? Does it creep you out at all or do you think it's not a big deal?

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31st May, 2009. 9:47 am. Shoe/outfit question

I'm thinking about buying this pair of shoes in black. It will go with business casual pants and so I can wear them to work. But, will they go with a skirt/dress? What type of skirt dress? Would I be able to wear it to work? What about wearing to a wedding? Fancy dinner?

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16th May, 2009. 11:55 am. How do you report fake LJ user?

Once again, a bot-like user has added me as a friend. How do I report them?

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15th May, 2009. 4:30 pm. I've been waiting for this!

They're halting car warranty calls for a bit. Hopefully I'll get no more of these stupid calls!

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9th May, 2009. 4:08 pm. March of Dimes webpage

This is a public rant. I recently went to the March of Dimes webpage to look at some stuff. This is one of the poorly done webpages I have ever seen. Links lead to nowhere or to the wrong place. I was trying to get my company to match a donation, and needed to know the March of Dimes EIN number and could not find it on the page. (I ended up calling them and the girl who picked up the phone had no idea but did get me a number. Eventually I did find it on the webpage, but only after I had donated.)

The one nice thing about the webpage is that I can at least think to myself that any donations that goes towards it does not go to a webpage person to maintain the site. They say that 77 cents per dollar is actually contributed to the goal. That seems like a reasonable number.

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5th May, 2009. 7:25 pm. Dressy shoes, Part II

I went online to find dresses similar to the ones that I have, and here they are. I have no idea what shoes, type or color, would go with them. (While I'm at it, are these dresses ok to wear to evening events?)

Dress 1

Dress 2

Thanks in advance to people who have fashion sense and can help me!

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3rd May, 2009. 12:27 pm. Help me pick out dressy shoes!

I have a few nice dresses, but I haven't worn them because I don't feel like I have shoes to go with them. I've gone shoe shopping a few times, but for some reason I can't seem to find any nice shoes. Either they look really scary (shoes with high pointy heels which I think I will fall when wearing) or shoes that I don't think look dressy enough for dresses because they look too strappy or because the heel has a stitched edge that makes it look too casual. A huge part of it is me dumb and completely unaware of styles.

So questions:
1) For an afternoon dress, such as a day wedding, can you give examples of shoes to wear with it? Links to webpages with pictures would be useful.
2) For an evening event, can you give examples of shoes to wear with such a dress?

I'm not sure that LJ is the best place to get responses to this question, given that most of my subscribe list are guys who can tell me about guy shoes, but I figure it's worth a try.

P.S. I don't like wearing shoes with really high heels. I think I don't like shoes with pointy heels either, but I do own a pair of shoes like that which I like a lot. The reason for me being anti-crazy high heels (which I define as over three inches) is because I tend to wobble a bit when I walk and I do not want to roll my ankles.

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20th April, 2009. 9:05 pm. Good thing I don't have any

"Please do not let your children, spouses or pets hang on or ride on the rack."

--Instruction booklet on the clothes rack we bought from Target.

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19th April, 2009. 5:55 pm. What is your gender?

a) Female.
b) Male.
c) Transgender or other.

(This was in a survey I just completed.)

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